About KES

Welcome to Kershaw Elementary School

Putting Our Children First

Our Mission

The mission of Kershaw Elementary is to: Build Upstanding Lifelong Learners & Develop Optimistic Graduates (Bulldog)

Our Vision

The vision of Kershaw Elementary is to become a globally competitive school that embraces change, risk-taking and promotes high expectations for all in order to effectively experience academic, social, and behavioral growth for each of our students as they prepare to meet the challenges, demands, and opportunities of the 21st century.

Beliefs of Kershaw Elementary School

We believe that learning is our #1 priority.

We believe in best educational practices.

We believe that the school should consist of a safe environment.

We believe in stellar relationships between stakeholders.

We believe that teaching children is our mission field.

School Pledge

I promise to treat others with kindness and respect, keep our school safe, be ready to learn, have a positive attitude, and give my personal best everyday. I am a special person, I am a BULLDOG.