Virtual Learning Resources

LCSD allows students to utilize Internet Accessibility on our campuses after 4:30 p.m. Please reference the Accessibility Map for your student's school. When you arrive on campus, areas with sufficient access will be marked with signage. The access will work for your child's LCSD student Chromebook only. We hope you will take advantage of this Internet coverage for uploading and downloading assignments. If you have additional questions, please visit your student's school website and click the Tech Help Desk to reach the school Instructional Technology Coach.

Here you can find links to some online resources and lessons if you are looking for some additional activities for your child.


Resource Links for Reading and Enrichment Opportunities

Mystery Science

Free School Closure Lessons

Go Noodle

Digital Escape Rooms

Digital Breakout

Age: 5th-8th Grade

Geometry: Quadrilaterals

Digital Breakout

Age: 3rd-5th Grade

Geometry: Polygons

Digital Breakout

Age: 2nd-5th Grade

Sound & Light

Digital Breakout

Age: 1st Grade (NGSS)


Digital Breakout

Age: Elementary


Digital Breakout

Age: K-3